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We are pleased to announce that Colin Cobbing has joined us to lead the Hodkinson Acoustics Team. Colin is recognised as a leading expert in the UK in planning and noise and has significantly influenced and shaped best practice in the UK in noise assessment and sustainable design and has been closely involved in the production of many of the standards and guidance documents that are used in planning and the design of new development.

There is increasing evidence that exposure to noise in and around noise sensitive buildings can adversely affect health and quality of life.  However, noise is only one of a number of interrelated factors that can affect the health and well-being of people in their use of buildings.  These include ventilation, overheating, excessive cold, security, internal air quality, damp and mould growth, lighting and connectivity with the external environment. This is recognised in planning guidance documents, such as the Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise and the Acoustics Ventilation and overheating Residential Design Guide, which require a holistic approach for optimising human comfort and sustainability performance.

It is also the reason why noise is a material planning issue and could represent a significant risk to any development proposal if the noise impacts are not properly addressed.

We believe that it is possible to design dwellings and other noise sensitive buildings that are attractive and desirable even though they may face busy roads, railways and other sources of noise or located close to airports.  Colin will be working closely with the other specialists in Hodkinson Consultancy to provide total design solutions and meet the challenges associated with development in medium and high noise and vibration exposure areas.