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Shell and core units designed and built to Part L 2013 of the non-domestic Building Regulations may not achieve compliance with future Part L upon fit out, risking letting opportunities for commercial space.

This issue is created by the fact that many building notices only cover the construction of the shell, meaning the tenant would need to re-register with Building Control for the fit out and comply with regulations in place at the time.

The consultation version of non-domestic Part L 2021 demands compliance with not only an emissions requirement but a primary energy requirement too. These call for significant uplift to current fabric performance which influences both emissions and energy targets.

Fit out assessments designed to comply with Part L 2013 struggle to comply with both of these future Part L requirements. So, what needs to be done to avoid letting/tenancy issues when it comes to fitting out the current shell to comply with future requirements?

Enhancement of the current shell specification, ensuring space provision for future uplift of fabric, specifying highly efficient services, making provision for PV connection or even a combination of the above may need to be explored.