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Heating corridors within a block of flats provides a significant benefit to the energy performance of dwellings and is one of the most cost-effective measures that can be taken to achieve the Part L (2013) Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEE) standards.

On schemes with communal heating it was previously possible to assume corridors were heated on the basis of passive heat gains from the heat distribution pipes.

See our article here on avoiding corridor overheating with community heating.

However, a new SAP convention (December 2015) now requires any heating to be fixed and controllable. This could be a nominal number of electric panel heaters. Although it is counter-intuitive to install heaters in areas that are already likely to be warm, their installation provides a cost-effective solution to Part L Regulations.

Where the common circulation areas are heated, an SBEM assessment is required. We recommend that early design consideration is given to ensure Part L compliance. The major energy load is lighting, which typically must be low energy (>80 lumens/Watt at a Light Output Ratio of 1) and with suitable controls (PIRs).