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We are pleased to be members of the UK Green Building Council’s task group on health and wellbeing in homes. All of this work falls into the WorldGBC’s Better Places for People campaign which aims to raise awareness of the health and wellbeing impacts of buildings and increase the uptake of greener, healthier buildings. This utilises our expertise and practical experience in a range of interconnected issues such as ventilation, internal air quality, daylight, overheating and noise.

The task group research follows on from the publication of the World Green Building Council’s report titled Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices. This explored the link between offices designed with health and wellbeing in mind and demonstrated huge financial savings due to reduced operational costs, high rental value and increased levels of employee health, wellbeing and productivity. There is also a similar UK-GBC led task group focussing on health and wellbeing in the retail sector which will report in February 2016.

This housing task group is made up of a wide range of UK-GBC members, including architects, engineers, developers, housing associations and consultants.

The findings will be presented in a formal report to be published in July 2016.