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Recent research shows that full BREEAM certification can lead to appreciable increases in rental values of commercial spaces.

Tenants and lessors understand that sustainable buildings are more likely to be protected against future legislation changes, meet strong mandates coming from investors, and meet occupier demands to provide high quality working spaces for their employees. BREEAM aims to significantly reduce building services running costs, ensures developments are more durable and resilient and tackles building performance gap issues.

Research undertaken by Knight Frank (September 2021), has shown that the average impact of BREEAM certifications impacted office rental value, as follows:

  • BREEAM Very Good: 3.7% premium
  • BREEAM Excellent: 4.7% premium
  • BREEAM Outstanding: 12.3% premium

The research therefore indicates that significant rental premiums are now only available when delivering the highest BREEAM ratings. It is therefore worthwhile assessing the cost-benefit of achieving ratings beyond that required by planning policy in most areas.