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We are pleased to be members of the UK Green Building Council’s task group on the Circular Economy. We are attending regular workshops for the group and are really looking forward to being part of this exciting programme over the next year.

Clients can find it challenging to know how, when and why to specify circular economy principles to enable the supply chain to deliver against them whilst also ensuring commercial issues are addressed such as cost, programme and risks.

To address this, the UKGBC have established a two-year circular economy programme. The first year will be focused on generating practical solutions to enable developers to address circular economy issues and using live projects to test these solutions.

The output of the first year of the task group will be launched in April 2019 and will advise developers on what they need to do at which stages of their projects to deliver their circular built environment approach, taking RIBA stages, costs and risk into account.

This work will feed into the developing circular economy statements that will become a requirement for developments in London.