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Vasiliki won the runner-up prize in the CIBSE Building Simulation Group inaugural Prize 2018 showcasing excellence in the application of building simulation. She presented her shortlisted case study amongst the six finalists at CIBSE Build2Perform 2018. Congratulations to all finalists; all presentations were of a very high standard and competition was high.

The advanced simulation tools used for the assessment and the links to real data collected through a Post-Occupancy Evaluation study we undertook were the elements that distinguished the entry according to the judges.

Vasiliki’s entry was based on a communal corridor overheating assessment at the Kidbrooke Village Phase 3 development by Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd. A passive evaporative cooling system was proposed to mitigate the heat gains within the corridors that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, avoiding active cooling by reducing summer temperatures by circa 5°C at peak external temperatures.

Thermal Environmental Modelling was required to verify the effectiveness of the passive evaporative cooling system that is intended for installation. Instead of using energy intensive cooling systems, evaporative systems can maintain indoor thermal comfort, cooling the air through a water wetted pad. The modelling was undertaken using Detailed HVAC simulation and a script adapting the simulation to modulate airflows and make the fan operation energy efficiency. The simulation outcomes were also compared against environmental monitoring that we undertook in one of the communal areas of Kidbrooke’s previous phases. Both assessment methods concluded that comfortable temperatures are achieved, and the evaporative cooling system is capable of mitigating the heat gains incurred within the corridors from the communal heating network.

The year’s CIBSE BSG awards were based on the chapters of CIBSE Application Manual, AM11 – Building Performance Modelling (2015), aiming to bring forward high-end usage of Building Simulation in the industry.