Designing buildings that are simultaneously energy-efficient, low-carbon, cost-effective and visually pleasing is a highly challenging issue. So our approach combines building and energy expertise with cutting-edge simulation technology, using CAD drawings to explore thousands of potential design solutions and guarantee a fully coordinated result. That way you can most effectively balance competing objectives such as space-heating demand, overheating risks, natural daylight, etc.

We can also help you to optimise low-energy building façade design parameters, such as glazed area, glass solar and light transmittance and shading devices, through a state-of-the-art application that uses a Darwinian evolutionary process to identify the variables that have the greatest influence on your ability to achieve the optimal design.

All of this work us underpinned by close partnerships with leading software developers and research academics that make sure we’re always advancing our solar design and thermal modelling techniques, so that the technologies at work in your buildings stay ahead of the curve.