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The Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) report titled UK housing: Fit for the future? gives us a lot to consider. The report lobbies government departments to act further against the impacts of climate change related to the housing sector. They highlight the following themes:

      • Climate proofing existing houses;
      • Capacity building for compliance officers;
      • Improving skills for installing renewables;
      • Prioritise retrofitting existing homes;
      • Low carbon and ultra-energy efficient new homes;
      • Stop connecting new homes to the natural gas grid from 2025;
      • Drive change by increasing government and co-funding opportunities;
      • Educate home owners.

The key impacts of these on future energy strategies include:

      • Limiting heat loss from new homes to 15-20 kWh/annum. This means super insulated homes and very low air permeability. For instance, thermal elements meeting Passivhaus and air permeability rates as low as 1.5 m³/m².h;
      • Combustion plant will not become redundant. In fact, the report expects the availability of a hydrogen network within 30 years. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that can replace natural gas.;
      • Electric heating is unlikely to mean panel radiators. The expectation is for electric heat pumps. This is where the cool natural environment is used for a mechanical process that results in heat. This means centrally distributed heating may be advantageous.

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