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With only 6 weeks remaining to the Part L 2021, are you prepared for the new changes for developments not registered by the 15th June? As Part L comes into play, here is some new information about some of the main changes:

  • New SAP software is not yet available, but is anticipated to be by the June 2022 deadline;
  • Accredited Construction details for thermal bridging can no longer be used, meaning that bespoke details will have to be created by developers, or other industry standard details used;
  • Building Regulations England part L (BREL Report) is a new compliance report that must be signed by the developer and the Energy Assessor for each plot for Building Control;
  • Photographic evidence (taken by the developer) is required for each individual plot to produce an EPC. Photos must be date-stamped and geo-tagged;
  • Showers will now need to target a flow rate of 8 l/min to match the notional building;
  • All Properties must have an air pressure test and sampling cannot be used;
  • Overheating will no longer be accounted for in SAP but rather separately in the new Part O.

More information on the requirements of Part L 2021 and transitional arrangements can be found here: