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We are pleased to have been a key contributor to the Health and Wellbeing in Homes report, launched by the UK Green Building Council in July this year. The report aims to increase the focus of the property industry on how they can positively improve the mental, social and physical health and wellbeing of home occupiers, by providing recommendations and evidence for the industry.

The report was produced by a UK-GBC Task Group comprised of companies and experts from across the built environment. Our expertise in Health and Wellbeing, with particular emphasis on internal air quality, allowed us to play a significant role in the production of the report.

According to the report, there are eighteen factors that make up a healthy home, ranging from lighting, sound insulation and materials, through to connections with the local community, and practical considerations such as having laundry provision to prevent moisture and mould build up.

Key findings of the report are:

  • Construction and property professionals have an opportunity to dramatically enhance the lives of people through the design and quality of homes and neighbourhoods;
  • It is vital to consider all three aspects of health and wellbeing equally – mental, social and physical;
  • Solutions for minimising the impact of the built environment on mental health are often the same as those required to minimise the impact on physical health;
  • Many of the design features which enhance health and wellbeing also bring positive environmental benefits;
  • Health and wellbeing is increasingly influencing consumers’ buying and decision-making processes.

Health and Wellbeing in Homes is one of a series of reports produced as part of the World GBC’s Better Places for People campaign. Other reports include Health and Wellbeing in Offices and Health and Wellbeing in Retail.

The full report can be downloaded from: