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The draft New London Plan introduces a Policy (SI7) regarding the reduction of waste and implementation of circular economic principles. This promotes resource efficiency and innovation to keep products and materials at their highest use for as long as possible. The policy seeks to promote circular economy for developments and requires that referable applications provide a Circular Economy Statement to demonstrate:

  • How all demolition and remediation materials will be re-used and/or recycled;
  • How the building can be disassembled and reused at the end of life;
  • Managing waste onsite; and,
  • Efficient storage, handling and space required to support re-use and recycling.

The wider economy currently takes a mostly linear approach to design and waste management principles, not least in the development and construction sector. A shift towards incorporating increasing circular economy principles bring with it numerous challenges and opportunities for our clients.  For example, it could ultimately lead to a greater standardisation of design to enable greater flexibility.

Our team of experts will work closely with clients and project teams to address emerging policy requirements, while setting realistic targets and measures.