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We successfully supported Redrow in their bid for an Environmental Permit under the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), for their Energy Centre at Colindale Gardens which provides heat to homes & commercial units on the site. The permit allows the operation of one Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit rated at 3.6MWth and three gas boilers, each rated at 6.4MWth.

We co-ordinated the application process by liaising with Redrow, the design team, the ESCO and the Environment Agency to prepare, collate and submit the documents required for a Complex Bespoke permit application for the operation of the plant; the boilers and CHP both being classed as new MCP and the CHP also being classed as a new Specified Generator.

The site is subject to monitoring requirements in line with the MCPD regulations and we have ensured that this had been considered early due to our involvement throughout the various stages of the development, including design, installation and handover.