Energy Service Companies (ESCos) offer specialist services to deliver heat network services at all stages of the project lifecycle. ESCos contracts vary but will typically involve the owner of the heat network receiving a benefit, in the form of reduced risk and/or a financial contribution, in return for long term access to energy customers. Customers benefit by receiving heat network service from a specialist with a long term interest in the success of the network.

Our team of heat network commercial specialists have a depth of experience delivering ESCo advice to ensure the needs of the client and their customers are prioritised in any ESCo negotiation. This includes:

  • Concept stage ESCo options appraisal considering client priorities, strategic opportunities and constraints, procurement routes for design and construction, and financial viability;
  • Design review. Where ESCos are not involved in design, our heat network specialists will review designs to ensure they reflect the requirements of ESCos.  We can also provide masterplanning services and Design Codes to build these requirements into the design and construction of new networks;
  • ESCo tendering at any stage of the project lifecycle. We define the client requirements and advise how to ensure any contract is set up to minimise risk, benefit the client and their customers, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements;