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We now have Government confirmations on how the new Part L and SAP will treat CHP and the results may be more positive than previously anticipated.

We previously wrote about the SAP 10.2 proposals regarding CHP. In these, the Government recognised the importance of CHP but the measures proposed were found to not be enough to make them acceptable under the new Regulations.

In the recently released consultation response and finalised version of SAP 10.2, a new method for running the calculations for CHP heat networks has been introduced. This provides much more favourable results for both existing and new CHPs. Our calculations show that in some cases, the new method could allow CHPs to pass through the new Regulations when connected to an existing heat network.

It should be noted that other changes in SAP, such as the larger default heat network loss factor, could mean heat networks struggle and so good design, construction & commissioning is still required. There is also some uncertainty around the timings and evidence requirements, such as what can be considered an existing heat network, which are expected to be clarified in the coming months. Irrespective of Part L performance, we still expect many planning authorities to look upon heat pump technologies much more favourably than CHP.