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Registrations under Part L 2013 and the existing transitional arrangements may be about to close.

In their recent Planning White Paper the Government signalled their intent to respond to the Future Homes Standard consultation this autumn. This may include finalising the incoming Interim Part L and giving notice of its introduction in 2021. When this notice is given it is expected that the transitional arrangements for new registrations between Part L 2013 and the Interim Part L will be tightened over the current regime. Currently a Building Regulations approval is valid for the entire development covered by it once a single building is commenced. The consultation indicated that this would be tightened for new registrations to apply only to individual buildings where a meaningful start was made within a reasonable (undefined) period of time.

Therefore, developers wishing to lock in Part L 2013 for their developments should, where possible, do so immediately. Traditionally, notices for introducing a new Part L are given in October or April, so time is short. Locking-in a Part L version is particularly important on sites with heat networks where CHP engines have already been installed. If versions of Part L cannot be locked-in then the heating strategy may need reviewed.

We are happy to discuss how this issue applies to each individual site – please give us a ring if you would like to.