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An Air Tightness Test (which is also known as air leakage test, air pressure test or air permeability test) is a government regulated test to ensure buildings do not leak or retain too much air.

Before an air test is carried out, we need to make sure the building is complete and is clear of all trades in order to achieve the best results possible.

The following criteria should be followed to provide you with the best chance of passing an air test:

All fixtures and fittings are installed including lights and sockets.

  • Every service penetration is sealed
  • All plumbing work is complete with water in the traps
  • Seal skirting boards in every room
  • Gaps within walls and floors must be sealed
  • Bathrooms and kitchens must be fully fitted and mastic sealed
  • No work trades to be in the building where the test is carried out
  • All external and internal windows and doors must be installed and closable.
  • The loft hatch is fitted and sealed
  • 240V power being available in the plots being tested