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SBEM Part L compliance for communal corridors is no longer an easy win. Under Part L 2013 it has generally been possible to heat corridors with electric panel heaters and easily comply with regulations. In the process this has made the residential SAP energy efficiency specification more relaxed than where corridors are assumed as unheated.

Part L 2021 tightens the requirements, meaning that one of the following would be needed for corridors to comply:

  1. Application of PV to the corridors instead of dwelling assessments
  2. Provision of active controllable heaters from a heat network

It may therefore be easier to assume corridors as unheated*. Where this is the case, its important to ensure that walls from dwellings to corridors are sufficiently thick (minimum 300mm).

*Passive heating from heat network pipework does not classify under the SAP conventions as creating a heated space.