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We can carry out BREEAM and WELL assessments in tandem to ensure the highest quality sustainable development which focus not only on energy and environmental sustainability but human and social aspects too. Our team of BREEAM and WELL APs are experts in harmonising evidence and identifying opportunities to streamline the process of achieving dual certification.

Launched in October 2014 after six years of research and development, the WELL Building Standard is based on scientific and medical research and is the first building certification scheme to focus exclusively on the ways that buildings can enhance our health and wellbeing.

There are nearly 1,000 projects registered or certified in 34 countries across the world. Certification has been shown to increase rental value of office spaces due to the positive impact on staff productivity.

WELL can be used to assess a variety of building types, from commercial to residential and even whole communities. Many of the features align with the Health & Wellbeing criteria which have long been a key component of BREEAM.

2018 sees the launch of WELL Version 2 which reflects the growing body of knowledge on the impact that our buildings and communities are having on our health and wellbeing. Version 2 of the WELL Standard is currently available as a pilot scheme and can be used to assess all building types.
The new standard now has 10 concepts which are:

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