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Successful companies are on a journey to raise quality and improve customer satisfaction. Building Performance Evaluation (also known as Post Occupancy Evaluation) is an important tool to support those improvements and demonstrate high quality, sustainable housing.

We undertake quantifiable occupant surveys to gain valuable customer feedback on the performance of homes. Through our partnership with the Building Use Studies (BUS) Methodology, we offer a comprehensive industry approved occupant questionnaire with statistical data analysis.

We also monitor energy and water consumption to compare against design calculations, undertake thermographic surveys to demonstrate fabric performance, and measure internal environmental quality such as temperature, humidity, air quality and levels of natural daylight.

Building Performance Evaluation does bring about some difficulties, such as technically designing and agreeing an appropriate metering strategy. Furthermore, metering equipment must be installed and commissioned properly and it can be challenging to achieve accurate wireless data transmission in practise.

However, Building Performance Evaluation brings about huge benefits if it is done well. The information gathered can be used to share good practice across project or company teams with feedback on lessons learnt, with the overall aim of improving standards of construction. With sufficient data, projects can be benchmarked against each other, showcasing high quality development and enhancing brand value and reputation.