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The BRE have announced an increase in BREEAM fees for all projects registered on or after Sunday 1st December 2019. This will affect all aspects of the BREEAM process including registration, certification and fast track certification, as set out below.

  • BREEAM Communities: assessment registration fees have increased by 13% to £565. Certification fees are increasing by 13.2% to 13.4% based on project scope;
  • UK New Construction: The fee for an assessment registration is increasing by 6% to £265. The fees for certification are increasing by between 6.0% and 6.3% (depending on project scope);
  • UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit Out: The assessment registration fee is increasing by 6% to £265. The certification fees are increasing by between 11.3% and 11.9% (depending on project scope);
  • BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment:  No changes have been made to fees for this scheme.

Any projects registered prior to 1st December 2019 will remain subject to the existing fees.

Should you wish to register an assessment to secure the current fee scheme or are interested in working with us on any potential developments, please get in touch with Zeta Watkins on 020 3603 1620.