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Developments are required to install electric vehicle charging points at an ever increasing rate. This raises a question of how to determine a fair use charge. This is true for both public and private car parks. The service requirements of the Landlord Tenant Act may require considering if electric car charging forms part of a service charge.

There are a number of considerations required when determining an electric vehicle charging price such as how to:

  • Account for capital and operation costs;
  • Distribute charges between private and public parking;
  • Determine the typical usage profile;
  • Determine the impact of different types of charging points.

A fair charging price can be determined by creating a car charging tariff model. The model should consider the list above and any bespoke requirements. Ensuring the price is fair over time requires data collection to regularly update the model. Once the appropriate measures are in place, this can be a relatively quick exercise.

If electric vehicle charging tariff modelling is something that you may find useful please do contact us.