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Last week the Hanger Lane Gyratory student accommodation development secured resolution to grant at the London Borough of Ealing’s Planning Committee.

We are delighted to have supported Hanger Lane Investments Ltd in devising an integrated Energy, Sustainability and Overheating strategy for the proposed development, which will provide 562 rooms with associated public and private amenity space, gym and retail elements

We worked closely with the client and the design team to provide an integrated energy, overheating and sustainability (including BREEAM) strategy in a cost effective manner, on a site presenting many challenges including noise, air quality and space restrictions.

Overheating was considered in line with restrictions deriving from the site itself and the heating strategy. A holistic approach to noise, air quality and communal heating limitations was considered. We devised a strategy to ensure thermal comfort in accordance with the CIBSE TM52 requirements. Enhanced mechanical ventilation was utilised, combined with passive strategies including external shading, reduced glazing g-values and the use of highly reflective internal blinds.

Our Energy Statement prioritised energy efficiency measures including high efficiency fabric, combined with efficient ventilation strategies and low energy consumption lighting. An on-site energy centre served by communal boilers and a low-NOx CHP engine was decided to be provided, to meet the high hot water demand typically associated with student accommodation buildings. Additionally, 19kWp of PV arrays have been integrated within the design proposal. This strategy predicted a total reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of 36%.

We also prepared a Sustainability Statement proposing bin and cycle storage, landscaping, green roof areas and reduced internal water usage.

We look forward to continuing to work with our client and the design team in the future.