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Client: Bellway London Partnerships

Location: London Borough of Waltham Forest

Lead Architect: PRP

Accommodation: 617 new homes, community center and two retail units

Status: Winning land tender / Planning achieved

Our Work: Energy statement, Sustainability statement, Overheating, Whole Life Cycle Carbon assessment, Circular Economy statement, Optimisation, Heat network advice

Working with Bellway London Partnerships, we have assisted with the Avenue Road Estates redevelopment, in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The redevelopment requires single decant for existing residents into new developments on the estate.

We assisted Bellway London Partnerships in winning the initial land tender and subsequently achieve planning consent for the scheme. The planning application was fully supported at the planning committee receiving no objections.

The development is designed to be future ready and meets the GLA’s requirement for net zero carbon emissions. The scheme is designed around a centralised heat network which will deliver heat to efficient homes.

The average heating requirement for the dwellings is expected to meet the Committee of Climate Change’s goal of 15 kWh/m². This has been achieved through energy strategy optimisation work considering overheating and achievable building fabric requirements.

The heating strategy has been developed to consider near and long term impacts. In the near term the heating strategy is mindful of operational costs by using a mix of heat pumps and gas boiler strategy. In the longer term the development has space to achieve all heating using heat pumps should future regulations or costs require it.