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Appointed as sustainability consultants and BREEAM assessors by Spatial Initiative, the new Walker Primary School successfully achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’, under the New Construction 2018 scheme.

Located in the London Borough of Enfield, the new school particularly excelled in the Waste, Land Use & Ecology, and Water BREEAM categories. As part of the BREEAM assessment and to support efforts to reduce the carbon emissions associated with construction, we undertook a Life Cycle Assessment to ensure that the materials selected had a low environmental impact (including embodied carbon), over the life cycle of the building.

Carbon emissions were also reduced with the school embracing circular economy principles, utilising modular construction for the structure, with on-site cladding and fit-out. The modular construction allowed for minimal construction waste, whilst benefiting future disassembly, refurbishment, repair and upgrades, thus extending product and material lifetimes and reducing future construction and operational waste by avoiding materials disposed of prematurely.

We also produced both technical and non-technical building user guides for the school, which will help building users access, understand and operate the building efficiently and in a manner in keeping with the original design intent.