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User friendly means of mitigating overheating are key but not necessarily cheap. The success of overheating mitigation is heavily reliant on occupant behaviour and usually includes either mechanical cooling or ventilation. The former guarantees internal temperatures of 22 °C while the latter can lead to spaces closer to 28 °C. Mechanical cooling has an estimated annual operational cost ranging between £300 and £600 per year per apartment. In comparison mechanical ventilation is closer to estimates of between £150 to £200 per year per apartment.

Selection of the appropriate ventilation strategy is bespoke to each development; however, all successful ventilation strategies:

  1. Must meet policy requirements. This may include considering innovative solutions. However, won’t be successful if occupants cannot understand how they operate.
  2. Are mindful of the requirements of different users. For example, different requirements for vulnerable occupants.
  3. Fully consider the design impact. This could include deeper ceiling voids to enable quieter mechanical ventilation rates, appropriately sized cupboards to house units, and window design that safely and completely open.
  4. Provide occupants with some form of control over their environment. For example, this could mean allowing the occupants to boost the ventilation system.
  5. Consider costs. As highlighted, the operational cost of cooling is significantly greater than mechanical ventilation.