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We are delighted to have welcomed nine new people to our team over the course of 2019. The range of skills they bring significantly strengthens our capabilities and helps us continue to successfully support our clients in the delivery of their projects as we grow.

Nikos and Jeremy have joined the Heat Networks team. Nikos brings expertise in heat network design and renewable energy development, while Jeremy brings experience as a design engineer for a boiler installation company.

Rodrigo, Chiara and Meghan have joined the Performance and Building Modelling team. They bring considerable experience in delivering thermal bridging calculations and complex thermal modelling capabilities. Meghan also brings extensive experience working on LEED assessments.

Alicia has joined the Environment and Planning team and Marek has joined the Energy team. Alicia has experience in the development of climate and sustainability policy, while Marek is a SAP and energy expert.

Alex and Dan have joined our structured graduate training scheme, working towards professional membership. They will be supporting those in their designated teams to deliver projects successfully.

We welcome all nine to the practice.

Posted on September 25th, 2019

Author: Christopher Scobie