Alternative methods of construction involve a wide range of techniques and materials, and can be defined as a move away from traditional cavity wall construction using bricks and concrete blocks.

Achieving increasingly high standards of energy and environmental performance in new buildings can often most appropriately be achieved through the adoption of entirely different methods of construction.

Benefits of using alternative methods of construction include ease of on-site implementation, resilience to supply chain issues, improved u-values, reduction of cold bridging, enhanced air-tightness, reduction in the environmental impact of construction materials, and less waste.

We are actively engaged in assisting clients to find the most cost-effective solutions to meet their performance targets, and can advise on a wide range of construction methods.

Straying from traditional construction can be a daunting task for any design team, but our experience in assisting clients to implement alternative methods of construction – including insulated concrete formworks (ICF), structural insulation panels (SIPs), and timber and steel framing systems – means we can take forward innovative methods of construction with full confidence.