BREEAM Communities is an environmental assessment methodology that provides a way to improve, measure and certify the sustainability of new large-scale developments through the development planning process. We believe it’s especially useful for developments that are likely to have a significant impact on existing communities or infrastructure, as it’s a valuable and recognised certification scheme that can show statutory bodies and local communities that a proposed scheme is both high-quality and sustainable.

The scheme looks beyond traditional environmental sustainability, encompassing social, economic and governance issues, and it puts particular emphasis on early community engagement and consultation. It ties in neatly with the planning system, with certification offered at both the Outline (interim) and Reserved Matters (final) stages. We’ve got direct experience in working with the assessment methodology at both stages and are pleased to have successfully certified one of the first BREEAM Communities schemes in the country. Our detailed understanding of the planning process combined with extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge perfectly places us to support your design team to pragmatically and cost-effectively reach the highest standards.