We provide high value services that meet energy and environmental challenges

Overheating has become a key problem in contemporary building design, posing thermal comfort issues.

Using advanced dynamic simulation modelling, we can accurately model domestic and commercial buildings to assess their risk of overheating. We work alongside clients and façade engineers to develop practical and cost-effective strategies to mitigate overheating and bring about high-quality living spaces.

Overheating analysis is ideally undertaken at early design stages, when aesthetic modifications to the building façade can be realised. Our computer model allows for a high degree of flexibility, enabling us to accurately model the building and examine a full range of mitigation measures including:-

  • Glazing proportion
  • Glazing solar transmittance (g-values)
  • External shading (overhangs and louvres)
  • Internal shading (blinds)
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation strategies